2 Signposts in Finding Your Health Direction

Many years ago, my mentor, Mr Jaffrey, said; ‘East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.’In this excerpt from Kipling’s popular ballad, Mr. Jaffrey was reinforcing the idea that in matters of health, medicine and natural health do not co-exist.The medical philosophy of disease looks at germs as antagonistic and with this viewpoint attempts to destroy them.Natural Health looks at the same germs, recognizes their relationship to all life and attempts to provide an environment in which mutual existence can be attained.Very simply, these are the only two ways of looking at health/disease.One treats symptoms and the other removes causes.Medicines treat symptoms – all medicines – be they chemical, mineral, botanical, animal or whatever – treat symptoms.The proponents of said philosophies say – ‘Take this – may it serve thee well’ and again, it matters not a whit what the practitioner offers.The health educator shows that lifestyle determines health – If a disease symptom arises it is due to a faulty lifestyle.To this end, the health educator instructs in the learning of health causes by the examination of one’s lifestyle, applying said causes and if and when symptoms arise – rest and allow the body to go through its cycle of healing.I don’t know of any other philosophies – you must pick one of these two.It’s very simple and only takes a modicum of intelligence and discipline.All the best in finding your direction – either east or west.Kevin